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In the aftermath of tornadoes that impact states, search and rescue resources can be one of the first called to report to service.Search and Rescue Operation with K9 Unit

Through EMAC, 146 search and rescue personnel from Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee responded to Alabama to conduct search and rescue and recovery missions after being requested by the Alabama State Emergency Management Agency.

In the aftermath of an EF-5 tornado touched down in Joplin, Missouri, 15 search and rescue/recovery personnel with canines were deployed from Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Texas.  This devastating tornado grew to as much as three-quarters of a mile wide, before returning to about a half-mile in width, The track was 13.8 miles long, hitting major businesses and commercial areas and thousands of homes.

  • Search and Rescue Models

If you need help building a Mission Ready Package for Search and Rescue, these models will help you get started.

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altTo understand the relationship between the models and the response-specific Mission Ready Package, watch this short video.

Download a Mission Ready Package template

MRPs should be built in coordination with your home state emergency management agency (EMA).  Do not build an MRP unless your state EMA has authorized your resource as a deployable asset.