2014 EMAC: Just in Time Training for Deploying Personnel: Topics

The course is intended to be taken by response and recovery personnel prior to deployment on an EMAC mission. The course provides an overview of the EMAC Process, EMAC law, EMAC operational support structure as well as actions that should be taken during the Response Phase (to include Mobilization, Deployment, Demobilization), and the Reimbursement Phase.  

Successful Course Completion Criteria:
Learners must complete all course modules, learning checks, and pass the assessment with a minimum score of 70% to successfully complete the course, receive CEUs, and a certificate of completion.   

Prerequisites: None

Teaching Methodology:  Blended approach incorporating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities.  

Assessment: The assessment consists of 20 questions.  

Amount of Contact Time (in hours) needed to effectively complete this course:  This course is expected to take the average learner 1.5 - 2 hours to complete. 

Number of CEUs to be offered:  0.3

Course Image Credits