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  • Learn About MRPs and How to Develop Your Own Using the Excel Template

    Learn about Mission Ready Packages (MRP) and how to develop your own using our interactive walk-through.

    This interactive focuses on the development of the Mission Ready Package using the Microsoft Excel template found on the EMAC website. Using this template will ensure that your MRP is compatible with the EMAC Operations System and the Mutual Aid Support System! When done, just select the EMAC logo at the bottom to return to the EMAC website.

    Begin your learning

  • Learn About EMAC in our eLearning Center

    Whether you are a resource that deploys through EMAC or you are in state or local government, you can learning about EMAC through our eLearning Center at your own desk.  

    You can take breaks, came back between modules and start where you left off to continue. 

    Register for your EMAC account then, visit the eLearning Center to start today.

  • The EMAC ProcessFeatures

    The standard EMAC Process consist of 5 phases: Pre-Event Preparation, Activation, Request & Offer, Response, and Reimbursement.

    The 54 EMAC Member States have procedures to implement the EMAC process which may vary slightly between states (such as how to request EMAC resources within that state). Start with learning the general EMAC process and then contact your state to identify specific procedures within your state.
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  • What is EMAC?
  • EMAC Training
  • Webinar Archives
  • EMAC Brochures

Nationally Adopted Interstate Mutual Aid Agreement

 The Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), has been ratified by Congress and is law in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

EMAC is the nation's state to state mutual aid system. Learn more by selecting the image on the right and watch a video about EMAC.



Comprehensive EMAC course
@ EMI with an exercise


Online Learning at Your Own Pace
Visit the eLearning Center

A-Team Training

Coordinated through state EMA
& taught by NEMA

Missed an EMAC Webinar?

If you missed one of the online EMAC webinars, you can watch it online.  We have a number of webinars such as the following:

  • Animal Resources and EMAC
  • Medical & Public Health
  • Reimbursement for EMAC Missions - An Overview

Visit our webinar archives


EMAC Brochures

The four-panel EMAC deployment brochure  Being Deployed Under EMAC? What You Need to Know PDF gives the first-responder a background in EMAC and an overview of deployment procedures.

The Preparedness Guide & Deployment Tips for State, Local, & Tribal Public Health & Medical Personnel PDF offers information on essential actions to ensure proper EMAC implementation by the public health and medical communities.



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