EMAC glossary of terms and acronyms.

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Tabletop Exercise

The simulation of an emergency in an informal, stress-free, discussion-enabled environment that focus on such issues as authorities, strategies, plans, policies, procedures, and systems guiding the response and recovery. The objectives of a tabletop exercise are typically understanding of a concept, identification of opportunities or problems, and achieving a change in attitude.

Theater of Operations (TO)

An EMAC operation in its totality. The control of the EMAC Theater of Operations falls under the purview of the NCS, with support from the NELT. An EMAC Theater of Operations is composed of potentially many areas of operations.

Tracking Number (TN)

A number on the EMAC REQ-A that helps states and EMAC staff keep track of resources deployed on a mission during an event. Each event mission has its own unique tracking number. In fact, each has an EMAC tracking number created by the EMAC online Operations System, an EM Software tracking number created by the emergency management system possessed by the state EMA, and a state tracking number established by the state itself.