EMAC glossary of terms and acronyms.

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Regional EMAC Liaison Team (RELT)

A team of qualified A-Team personnel that deploys to a Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC) in one of the FEMA regional offices upon request from FEMA to the National Coordinating State (NCS) and with concurrence from NEMA.  The RELT serves a liaison function (similar to a National EMAC Liaison Team) in the EMAC governance structure to coordinate with A-Teams deployed to Requesting States.

Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC)

The facility from which federal personnel coordinate response operations and provide resource support to states within each federal region.  RRCCs usually stand down once a Joint Field Office is operational in the affected states within the region.


The fifth, and last, phase of the EMAC process. During this phase, all assisting forces, including the deployed personnel, resource providers, and assisting state EMA, are reimbursed for expenses incurred during the mission and specified on the mission’s REQ-A.

Request and Offer

The third phase of the EMAC process.  During this phase, the Requesting State details the mission assignment and the resources needed, and notifies other states of their request.  Assisting States detail their available resources and estimate the cost for the use of that resource, and make an offer to the Requesting State.  The states use the REQ-A form to confirm their agreement in writing.

Request for Assistance Form (REQ-A)

The EMAC form used to officially request assistance, offer assistance, and accept assistance.  The use of the single form simplifies and streamlines the paperwork necessary to request and receive assistance from Member States. When duly executed by the Authorized Representatives of both the Requesting and Assisting States, the REQ-A constitutes a legally binding contract between the Requesting and Assisting States under EMAC.

Requesting State

Any EMAC Member State that has informally or formally requested interstate assistance using any of the systems established by EMAC for this purpose.

Resource Provider

Any state or local government agency or organization that is providing an EMAC-requested resource through an Assisting State to perform an official EMAC REQ-A mission.

Resource Typing

The categorization and description of response resources that are commonly exchanged in disasters through mutual aid agreements (from the State of Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency website).


The fourth phase of the EMAC process. This phase includes three stages: mobilization, when personnel make final preparations for deployment; deployment, when personnel perform their missions or render services in the affected area; and demobilization, when deployed personnel complete their missions and return home.