EMAC glossary of terms and acronyms.

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Operational Control

Control of an EMAC mission and its day-to-day output relative to schedules, specifications, and costs. The Requesting State has operational control over deployed personnel, but the Assisting State (the state that deployed the personnel) has command and control, so that deployed personnel may be recalled to the home state whenever necessary.

Operational Coordination Components

Elements of a structure to ensure efficient control, action, and coordination. EMAC’s governance structure comprises four primary operational coordination components: National Coordinating State (NCS), Advance Team (A-Team), National EMAC Liaison Team (NELT), and Regional EMAC Liaison Team (RELT).

Operations Manual

A manual that sets forth the terms of the EMAC agreement and establishes the EMAC procedures that all Member States are to follow. It provides the written standardized process to ensure that each Member State understands the EMAC agreement, is adequately prepared to participate in the agreement, and follows the same standardized procedures while implementing EMAC.