EMAC glossary of terms and acronyms.

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N+ Factor

The number of hours (or other time unit specified) from notification of mission authorization to time of deployment.

National Coordinating State (NCS)

A group of operations personnel in the home state of the chair of the EMAC Executive Task Force who remain in their home state to coordinate and enforce EMAC policies and procedures during EMAC activations. The group exercises overall control of EMAC operations during activation of the system. The NCS is activated when there are active EMAC events.

National EMAC Liaison Team (NELT)

A team of qualified A-Team personnel that deploys to the National Response Coordination Center in Washington, D.C., upon request from FEMA to the National Coordinating State (NCS) and with concurrence from NEMA.  The NELT serves a liaison function in the EMAC governance structure to keep the federal government aware of state EMAC operations so that duplication of activities is avoided. The NELT may not actively request resources from other states.

National Emergency Management Association (NEMA)

A nonprofit, nonpartisan association of emergency management and homeland security professionals that administers EMAC on behalf of the EMAC Member States.

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

The system used to conduct incident management as specified in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 (HSPD-5).  NIMS established a national standard methodology for managing emergencies and ensuring seamless integration of all local, state, and federal forces into the system.

National Response Coordination Center (NRCC)

The facility in Washington, D.C., used by DHS/FEMA to coordinate federal response and recovery operations.  Federal Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) are co-located at the NRCC to provide resource support to state counterparts through the Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC).

National Response Framework (NRF)

A series of guiding principles developed by the Department of Homeland Security that provides a comprehensive, all-hazards approach to domestic incident response.


National Coordinating State


National Emergency Management Association


National Incident Management System


National Response Framework