EMAC glossary of terms and acronyms.

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EMAC Advisory Group

A group made up of invited representatives from national organizations of the first-responder community and other mutual aid stakeholders. The Advisory Group facilitates the effective integration of multidiscipline emergency response and recovery assets for nationwide mutual aid through EMAC.

EMAC Committee

A committee of state emergency management directors responsible for policy oversight of the Compact. 

EMAC Coordinator

Usually also serving as a Designated Contact, the EMAC Coordinator serves as the “lead,” or primary point of contact for EMAC in a Member State.

EMAC Executive Task Force (ETF)

A group of EMAC Member State personnel who work on the policies and procedures of EMAC and relay information and issues from the local/regional level up to the national level at the request of the EMAC Committee. The ETF provides the coordination essential to ensure that EMAC is in a constant state of readiness and that process improvements—including outreach, information sharing, and regional education—are ongoing to meet the needs of Member States. Voting members of the Executive Task Force include the Chair, the Chair-elect, the Past Chair, Lead State Representatives from the ten FEMA-defined regions, and three at-large members.

EMAC Mobilization Unit (EMU)

A processing center for EMAC resources into an impacted area. The concept of the EMU has been enhanced in the EMAC Personnel Accountability and Processing Package (EPAPP) to include demobilization processing as well.

EMAC Operational Management

EMAC’s four operational coordination components and a three-level operational deployment system allow for control to expand and contract as needs demand.

EMAC Operations System (EOS)

An online system through which states manage EMAC events.

EMAC Personnel Accountability and Processing Package (EPAPP)

An EMAC personnel processing center for both mobilization and demobilization during catastrophic recovery efforts. The EMAC Mobilization Unit (EMU) is similar but provides processing only for incoming personnel.

EMAC Process

A five-phase process comprising all stages of EMAC in action. The EMAC process begins with pre-event preparation; continues through activation of the Compact, request and offer of resources, and response; and ends with reimbursement of all parties involved.

Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

An agency at a given level of government that coordinates the response to disasters.

Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)

An interstate agreement that enables entities to provide mutual assistance during times of need. EMAC is composed of thirteen Articles of Agreement that have been enacted into law by each of the Member States.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

A centralized command and control facility responsible for carrying out the principles of emergency preparedness and emergency management functions and ensuring the continuity of operation of a particular entity (typically, the state).


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