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NIMS Resource Typing is integrated into the Mission Ready Package (MRP), appears on the MRP template, is fully integrated into both the Mutual Aid Support System (MASS 2.0), and the EMAC Operations System (EOS).     

MRPs are the next step after resource typing. Developing a MRP includes identifying the personnel who would support the mission, limitations to the mission, costs to conduct them mission, etc. are all elements that will be vital for a successful mission and reimbursement.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) developed the Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT) with the most up to date resource types and job positions/qualifications.  Watch this short video to learn more about the RTLT and why resources should be described using clear and consistent language.  

Click here to watch the Resource Typing Library Tool video

Why are MRPs Important?

While EMAC law does have a 30 day verbal provision when time is of the essence, states that utilize MRPs take less time to compile cost estimates during the Request and Offer Phase - getting resources deployed more quickly. These states also have a jump start on reimbursement as cost eligibility is understood upfront!

Learn more about MRPs, including what is in an MRP by taking a course in the eLearning Center!

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