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2016 Republican National Convention EMAC AAR.pdf

2016 Republican National Convention EMAC AAR
 The report highlights include the following: 
  • The flexibility of the EMAC system to meet the needs of the Member States
  • The need for continual EMAC training from state leadership to state EMA to Resource Providers and Deploying Personnel
  • The need for State Finance and Administration personnel to take EMAC Reimbursement training
  • The need for states to integrate EMAC into exercises
  • The time savings the EMAC Operations System to complete mission paperwork
  • The use of in-state arrest teams as a best practice for future EMAC law enforcement missions


NEMA thanks the State of Ohio to include the City of Cleveland for their participation and for agreeing to let us conduct the in-depth review of the state response through EMAC for the RNC.  Further, NEMA thanks everyone who participated in the after action review process. Your feedback continues to make improvements to the EMAC system and helps us to capture best practices.