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The Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) is administered by the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA). This intellectual property policy applies to EMAC in the same manner in which it applies to NEMA.

The NEMA Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and Usage Policy is a statement of NEMA's policy that covers all aspects of its intellectual property ownership and the ownership of such rights by others. This Policy attempts to set forth NEMA's position regarding the use of the IP Rights and the policies regarding such use.

Nature of Intellectual Property Rights

The IP Rights of NEMA comprise two types of intellectual property: Copyrights and Trademarks.

    • Copyrights

      Copyrights cover all aspects of NEMA's business. This policy covers but is not limited to items such as reports, electronic news, magazines, books, Courseware, PowerPoints, manuals, guidebooks, white papers, software, databases, videotapes, audio tapes, the NEMA and EMAC web sites, forms, and journals.

      In summary, Copyright provides the exclusive right to NEMA to reproduce, display, distribute, and in every way manage the works it publishes, and Copyright accords NEMA the exclusive right to create derivative works from such copyrighted works. These exclusive rights should not be used or in any way exploited without the specific consent of NEMA.

      Licensing of Rights by NEMA
      Generally, NEMA does not permit the use or copying of its works without first granting permission to do so. Copyrighted works are available from NEMA and may be offered for sale or licensure agreement. Online distribution or a collection of publications are available from NEMA. Online dissemination of works that are for private use is strictly prohibited unless a license is obtained from NEMA for such dissemination.

EMAC Forms

      The use of forms developed by NEMA for use by the state emergency management agencies, to include the EMAC Request for Assistance (REQ-A), the Reimbursement Form R-1, and the Reimbursement Form R-2, are protected by copyright. Use of, duplication of, or development of duplications of these forms outside of the NEMA developed Microsoft Excel Forms or within the EMAC Operations System is strictly prohibited. Forms may not be recreated for use by any private or public agency is strictly prohibited.  These forms are not available from NEMA for sale or licensure agreement. Online distribution of forms outside of NEMA is strictly prohibited.
  • Trademarks

    The Trade and Service Marks of NEMA are valuable assets that distinguish the services and products of NEMA. It is important that these marks be respected and used properly.

    EMAC Logo

    Use of the NEMA and EMAC Marks
    Individuals, agencies, or organizations wishing to use either the NEMA or EMAC mark (logo) must submit to NEMA, for review and approval, the documents or materials displaying said logo in the final format and location in which it would appear. A short paragraph for the intended use of the materials and the intended audience must also accompany the document and materials to be reviewed by NEMA.

    Should documents or materials change at a later date, a new request must be submitted to NEMA for continued use of the NEMA and/or EMAC logo. Use of the NEMA and/or EMAC logo does not imply any rights or endorsement by NEMA on the part of any user. NEMA may withhold approval at its sole discretion. NEMA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or modify permission to display the NEMA and/or EMAC logo at any time.

    Use of NEMA Letterhead
    Use of the NEMA Letterhead and or NEMA and/or EMAC logo on non-NEMA documents is not permitted unless such usage has been authorized by the NEMA in advance.

    Using Third-Party Marks
    Using the trade or service marks of other organizations may be important to the substance of the publication. NEMA recognizes that the use of third-party marks should be held to the same standards as with the NEMA and EMAC mark.

Guidelines for Obtaining Permission to use NEMA IP Material

Use of any of the NEMA and/or EMAC protected materials is strictly prohibited without the express written permission (in e-mail or letter) of NEMA.  NEMA does not unfairly discriminate in its determination of which applicants shall be granted permission to use materials.

How to use the NEMA and/or EMAC logo in print (following approval of use)

  • The NEMA and/or EMAC logo may be reproduced in full color mode or in a single color (grayscale, black, white) with a background that ensures good legibility.


  • Only the official NEMA and/or EMAC logo may be used.
  • Hand-drawn or altered versions (such as change in type or color) are not permitted.


  • The logo may be resized as needed, provided it is scaled proportionately, and the words “National Emergency Management Association” and/or “Emergency Management Assistance Compact” are still legible.
  • Do not place the logo on a cluttered or insufficiently contrasting background.


  • Do not incorporate any part of the NEMA and/or EMAC logo with the logo of another organization to result in a new logo.
  • Do not place any graphic elements with or around the NEMA and/or EMAC logo (such as a box) that could be interpreted as part of the NEMA and/or EMAC logo.
  • You may not alter the NEMA and/or EMAC logo to incorporate any other object, including, but not limited to other logos, icons, words, graphics, photos, slogans, boxes, numbers, design features, symbols, audio files or video files.
  • Do not obstruct the logo with other images.