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Frequently Asked Questions about MRPs

Model MRPsWhat are Mission Ready Packages, and why are they important?

Mission Ready Packages (MRPs) describe specific response and recovery resource capabilities that are organized, developed, trained, and exercised prior to an emergency or disaster. Mission Ready Packages may be considered the next logical step in the evolution of resource typing, as they include elements found within resource-typed definitions, but they also detail such information as the missions supported, estimated cost of the mission, location of the resource, limiting factors related to the mission, and logistic support requirements.

MRPs are important to mutual aid because they allow for rapid identification, location, request, order, and tracking of specific resources quickly and effectively during an emergency, when time is of the essence. Because MRP development involves establishing a quality cost estimate upfront, before an emergency ever occurs, they also result in a well-documented reimbursement package and more efficient reimbursement between states.

  • Are MRPs equivalent to NIMS resource typing? +

    Mission Ready Packages are not equivalent to NIMS resource typing. MRPs are based on—and the next logical step after—NIMS resource typing.

    MRPs include additional components such as pre-scripted mission statement, limitations, required support from other sources, time to readiness, personnel costs, equipment costs, travel costs, and other costs.

  • Can an MRP include a resource that does not meet the NIMS typing threshold? +

    Absolutely. Whether a resource meets the NIMS typing threshold or not, that mutual aid resource is valuable and may be part of a Mission Ready Package.

  • Are templates for MRPs available? +

    Certainly. Templates, as well as examples that provide insights for what components may be included on an MRP are available on the specific resource pages - "Deployable Resources".

  • Where may I obtain additional information about EMAC MRPs? +

    MRP Webinar RecordingYou can view a Webinar recording focusing on MRPs here, and more information on Mission Ready Packages can be found on the main MRP page.  

  • How do I estimate costs for an MRP? +

    The MRP template, which is a Microsoft Excel workbook, includes worksheets for estimating costs of travel, personnel, equipment, commodities, and other expenses. The worksheets include form fields with great detail in each area so that the resource provider can arrive at the most accurate cost estimate possible using actual costs associated with your normal duties at home. 

    Remember that while you are at home you may work 8 hours a day and while deployed, you may work 12 hours per day.  Including overtime rates for personnel and fringe benefits should not be overlooked.

  • How can I estimate travel costs if I have no idea where the next emergency will be located? +

    Clearly, travel costs are unknown before an emergency event happens.

    Completing the Mission Ready Package with ALL costs except travel will position that resource to being the most prepared prior to a mission.

    Once the location is identified, the MRP can be updated with travel costs and submitted to the home state emergency management agency

  • Do MRPs take personnel credentialing into account? +

    A good resource provider will provide qualified personnel who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for their job positions. As part of this, the resource provider will identify in the MRP personnel who possess and can demonstrate the credentials needed to do the job required in the MRP.

  • May an MRP replace a Request for Assistance (REQ-A) form? +

    An MRP may not replace the REQ-A.

    The REQ-A is the document that provides a formal execution of the agreement; i.e., the REQ-A serves as a binding agreement between the two states. The MRP simply facilitates that execution by matching resources with the shortfall of an affected state.

  • Is there a cost for obtaining the MRP template? +

    No.  The form is free and available on this website to use in developing your own resource-specific Mission Ready Package in coordination with your home state emergency management agency.

  • What is the relationship between NIMS Resource Typing and Mission Ready Packages? +

    NIMS Resource Typing is integrated into the Mission Ready Package (MRP), appears on the MRP template, and is fully integrated into both the Mutual Aid Support System (MASS 2.0) and the EMAC Operations System (EOS).     

    MRPs are the next step after resource typing.  Developing a MRP includes identifying the personnel who would support the mission, limitations to the mission, costs to conduct them mission, etc. are all elements that will be vital for a successful mission and reimbursement.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) developed the Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT) with the most up to date resource types and job positions/qualifications.  Watch this short video to learn more about the RTLT and why resources should be described using clear and consistent language.  

  • Can I use my own form to develop my MRP? +

    No.  It is vital that you use the template provided on the EMAC website. 

    This form can be directly imported into the EMAC Operations System and establishes the basis for the REQ-A which must be completed by the Requesting and Assisting States.  No other form will comply with the system and will result in a delay as the data will have to be typed directly into the EMAC Operations System.

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