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Contact NEMA Staff with EMAC Related Questions

The National Emergency Management Association administers the Emergency Management Assistance Compact on behalf of the EMAC Member States.

All EMAC Member States have personnel that are responsible for the in-state administration of EMAC and mutual aid. Need contact information for state emergency management agencies?

If you have a question for the EMAC staff, please fill out the form below or contact them using the information found on the right side of this page. 

Contact the NEMA staff with an EMAC Question
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Note: Access to the EMAC Operations system is granted only to the EMAC designated personnel within the State Emergency Management Agencies. There are no exceptions to this policy. Queries from unauthorized personnel will not receive a reply.

EMAC Staff

Angela Copple
EMAC Program Director

Leon K. Shaifer
EMAC Senior Advisor

Jack Jowett
EMAC Advisor

Doug Hoell
EMAC Advisor

Kim Ketterhagen
EMAC Advisor

Paul Hogue

EMAC Exercise & Training Coordinator

Anita Woods

EMAC Technology Analyst

Aletha Malone
EMAC Training Assistant